GLOBUS EDUCATION SYSTEMS (GES) is a network of international educational institutions across the globe in Canada, UK, USA, Malaysia, Ireland and Australia, who network to ensure accessibility of students to all relevant international qualifications and curricula, ranging from Vocational to Bachelor, Masters and PhD programs in all continents of the world.

Our partner universities offer a wide range of programs including nursing, medicine, IT, Engineering, amongst others.

The countries GES covers include Australia, Malaysia, Ireland, United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada.

N.B: Each partner in each country has specific courses they offer. Please work with our agents to guide you through.

GES doesn’t charge fees for services provided. However, School fees vary according to course and school chosen. The fee is also paid directly to the school’s bank account.

  1. Candidate provides required documents.
  2. Application process starts, leading to the admission letter.
  3. Candidate pays a deposit as per the admission letter directly to the school.
  4. Candidate receives Certificate of Enrolment or Form I-20
  5. Candidate pays a service charge to the agent if applicable to commence the visa application process.
  6. Candidate provides IELTS or TOEFL plus bank statement.

We do not offer visas. However, we offer visa counseling and aid you through the process. We as well have partner agents who specialize in visa processing certified by their governments to carry out this task in the case of Australia only.

Principally we provide the details regarding your program of study fees only. Concerning the visa application process, we plug you with specialized agents to provide you cost and registration details where need be or you can contact the various embassies for further details. With regards to flight fair, we advise you to contact a travel agent to get a clear picture of what such amounts might cost you

GES does not offer scholarships. However, our partner schools have scholarships schemes you can apply for where and when available. We will notify you on our website when such opportunities arise.

GES does not take charge of your accommodation. However, we work with our international student affairs department in various schools to ensure you have the best options possible.

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