GES Joins Christian Men Fellowship of the PCC in 2023 Rally

Globus Education Systems recently participated in the 2023 Christian Men Fellowship (CMF) Annual Rally of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), which took place in various regions across the country. As a demonstration of our commitment to supporting collective growth, GES is providing children in our community with the opportunity to study at some of the world’s top universities, equipping them with the essential skills needed for future job prospects. The rally was held under the theme “WHO DO YOU SAY I AM, with the watchword YOU ARE THE MESSIAH”. and GES actively joined in to reaffirm their support for the PCC’s efforts in providing quality education in Cameroon.

Shared Values of the PCC and GES

During the rally, Rt Rev. Dr FONKI Samuel FORBA, moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon (PCC), delivered an insightful speech that resonated with GES’s mission. He emphasized the transformative power of collective efforts. He also, encouraged attendees to work together to extend God’s church to the ends of the earth. This message reflects the core values of GES, as we tirelessly strive to support our community and foster collective growth by providing children with access to world-class education and equipping them with the skills necessary for the jobs of tomorrow.

Rev. Ayuk Jones Ebot, the Presbyterian secretary for East Mongo South, also addressed the gathering at one of the rallies. In his speech, he drew attention to the prevalence of misinformation and the distortion of truth in today’s media landscape. Rev. Ebot stressed the importance of verifying information before accepting it as gospel and cautioned against blindly believing unfounded claims. This resonates with GES’s commitment to countering misinformation and deceit in the education sector. GES continues to work tirelessly to ensure that people make informed choices. Promoting transparency and empowering individuals to make decisions that align with their educational goals.


Globus Education Systems joined the CMF annual rally. They support the community and promote growth. GES provides education and job opportunities, impacting children’s lives. Rt Rev. Dr Fonki Samuel Forba and Rev. Ayuk Jones Ebot spoke at the rally. They emphasized shared values, fighting misinformation, and empowering individuals.

Written by Ghamogha Pamela Kinyuy

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