Globus Education Systems to Host an International Exhibition of Canadian Universities

Canada has a wide range of universities, colleges, and other types of institutions that offer a variety of educational programs to individuals who have completed secondary education. It is recognized for its quality education at all levels, therefore it is one of the desired destinations for those seeking higher levels of educational attainment and in-depth research.

For this reason, Globus Education Systems, a network of international educational institutions across the globe is organizing an exhibition of over 50 Canadian Universities from May 21 to May 24 2024 at Djeuga Palace, Yaounde Cameroon. This is to ensure accessibility of students to all relevant international qualifications and curricula and job opportunities ranging from Vocational Bachelor, Master’s, and PhD programs in the bilingual country.

The four-day exhibition would present a peculiar opportunity for you to meet representatives from Canadian Universities and acquire knowledge on student life in Niagara Falls and Marble Syrup Nation, discover a wide range of study and work programs, scholarships, and get personalized advice on your post-GCE A levels Career paths.

The job and study opportunities are limitless from study options like Nursing, Engineering, IT health care assistant, to Jobs for nursing assistants, House help, and cleaners.

Registration for exposure to these unique opportunities is ongoing, so sign up here to book your post

See you there! 

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