Globus University Systems joins forces with the IQRA to prepare clients for the job market.

In a world of networks, having the right partnerships is of the essence.

In order to reinforce and professionalize her output, Globus Education Systems has established a partnership with IQRA consultants, a leading education consultancy company created in 2003.

Since then, the company has been placing students in countries like UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Malaysia just to name a few. The courses where these students can be placed range from professional courses, Bachelors courses to PhD courses.
With this partnership Globus Education Systems and IQRA agree to share technical, educational and technological resources to guarantee admission into foreign universities and facilitate auxiliary services like visa assistance, travel and assistance.

The efforts towards this venture depicts actions taken by GES to ensure her student clients can have easy access to further education and position them in the job market

About  Globus Education Systems :

We are a network of international educational institutions across the globe in Canada, Germany, UK, USA, Malaysia, Ireland and Australia, who have come together to ensure accessibility of students to all relevant international qualifications and curricula.

We offer admission, provide visa counseling for the countries served, educational guidance, one-on-one assessment with admission officers, and help students achieve their dream career goals

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Let us reduce the stress for you. We offer quick admission with our partner universities all around the world. We also offer scholarships to deserving students

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