Mr. Macellous Mbameg Honored by Etoug-Ebe Presbyterian Church for Generous Contribution

Mr. Macellous Mbameg, Managing Director at Globus Education Systems (GES), recently fulfilled a philanthropic pledge to the 2023 Harvest Thanksgiving Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Etoug-Ebe. This substantial contribution was met with immense gratitude and recognition from the congregation.

Globus Education Systems

In an atmosphere of jubilation and heartfelt appreciation, the Harvest Committee bestowed upon Mr. Macellous the honorary title of ‘NtungNwi,’ signifying ‘God’s messenger.’ The Congregational Chairman, during the two services, officially ratified this bestowed title, highlighting the exceptional generosity and commitment Mr. Macellous exhibited towards the church’s cause.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, Mr. Macellous remained humble, attributing the success of his contribution to divine guidance and expressing gratitude, stating, “All glory to God in Jesus Christ only.”

This heartwarming gesture not only reflects Mr. Macellous’s generosity but also underscores GES’s commitment to fostering community relationships and contributing positively to societal causes.

As a testament to his benevolence, Mr. Macellous Mbameg’s support has significantly impacted the church’s initiatives, symbolizing the power of collective goodwill and the spirit of giving back to the community.

To add to this, Mr Macellous pledged to lead another delegation of GES and friends on a special project to assist in the building maintenance of the church. This project is expected to launch early next year, in 2024.

Furthermore, GES will also be closing the harvest session of the Presbyterian Church in Nsimeyong on December 3rd, 2023, and inviting the public to assist in this event.

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