Online Courses Procedure

Reasons to Apply for an Online Course

  • Physical certificate: Upon completion of your course, you will be awarded a physical certificate. 
  • Flexibility: Online courses allow you to study at your own pace and according to your own schedule, providing the flexibility to balance your education with other commitments.
  • Access to top-quality education: Online programs offered by reputable institutions provide the same curriculum and instruction as on-campus programs, ensuring high-quality education from renowned universities and instructors.
  • Career advancement: Online courses demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and skill development, boosting your professional profile and increasing your job prospects.

Requirements: All documents to be provided by the applicant

  • During the admission process for online studies, candidates are required to submit all necessary academic documents to support their application.

Available Fields of Study

Bachelor Level 

Program Course Credit  Fees
Business Administration B.A. 180 5.500 EUR
International Management B.A. 180  5.500 EUR
Digital Business B.A. 180  5.500 EUR
Entrepreneurship B.A.  180  5.500 EUR
Entrepreneurship B.A. 180  5.500 EUR
International Healthcare Management B.A. 180  5.500 EUR
Hospitality Management B.A. 180  5.500 EUR
Aviation Management B.A. 180  5.500 EUR
Management B.A.  240  5.500 EUR
Data Science B.Sc. 180  5.500 EUR
Computer Science B.Sc. 180  5.500 EUR
Business & IT B.Sc. 180  5.500 EUR
Industrial Engineering & Management B.Eng. 180  5.500 EUR
Engineering B.Eng.  180  5.500 EUR
Robotics B.Eng.  180  5.500 EUR
Cyber Security B.Sc.  180  5.500 EUR
Applied Artificial Intelligence B.Sc. 180  5.500 EUR
Industrial and Organizational Psychology B.Sc.  180  5.500 EUR
Applied Psychology B.Sc. 180  5.500 EUR
Software Development B.Sc.  180  5.500 EUR

Masters Level 

Program Course Credit  Fees
Marketing Management M.A. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
International Management M.A. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
Finance, Accounting and Taxation M.Sc. 120 5.500 EUR
Human Resource Management M.A. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
International Healthcare Management M.A. 60/120  3000/5000 EUR
Innovation and Entrepreneurship M.A. 120 5.500 EUR
Project Management M.A. 60/120  3000/5000 EUR
Digital Marketing M.A. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
Business Intelligence M.Sc. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
Business and IT M.Sc.  120 5.500 EUR
Digital Innovation and Intrapreneurship 60 3000/5000 EUR
Data Science M.Sc. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
Cyber Security M.Sc. 120 5.500 EUR
Computer Science M.Sc. 120 5.500 EUR
Artificial Intelligence M.Sc. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
Engineering Management M.Eng. 60 3000 EUR
Information Technology Management M.A. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
Data Management M.Sc. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs M.A. 60 3000 EUR
Industrial and Organizational Psychology M.Sc. 60/120 3000/5000 EUR
Growth Hacking M.A. 120 5.500 EUR
DevOps and Cloud Computing M.Sc. 120 5.500 EUR
Product Management M.A.  120 5.500 EUR


Program Course Credit  Fees
Master of Business Administration 60 ECTS (O.C.) 60  3000 EUR
Master of Business Administration with Majors in:

– Big Data Management 

– Engineering Management 

– Finance & Accounting 

– IT Management 

– International Marketing 

– Artificial Intelligence 

– Human Resource Management 

– Innovation & Entrepreneurship 

– Healthcare Management 

– Supply Chain Management 

– E-Sports Management 

– Salesforce 

90 4500 EUR


📍We are not facilitating direct work visas. All our services are study oriented only but students can work while studying to support themselves. There is a mandatory two days paid internship attached to the study program each week.

📍GES is not a visa granting institution, we do not guarantee 100% success for visa as this is the sole discretion of the consular officer. Admission is 100% guaranteed.

If you are interested in this opportunity and wish to get more details, you can meet us at our head office location.

📍 6th Floor Commercial bank building opposite état major militaire – Carrefour Intendance, Yaounde Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

📍We admit students to study at our partner institutions only. If you have a specific university/college of interest that may not be our partner institution, we will not be able to assist you.

GES WhatsApp contacts

+237 (672538326) (672538313) (673038352)





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