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Most often you may have the talent, the good grades, and the right attitude but need more funds to finance your education or even take it to higher heights. This is where Globus Education Systems steps in, as a leading Education Consultant. We source out the best and most convenient schooling opportunities from top universities to offer its clients, One of which is Scholarship assistance for students, which could be fully funded scholarships, tuition-free scholarships, and 50% scholarship discounts. 

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What’s in our Scholarship Packages

  • Accommodation; Some Scholarships come with accommodation benefits but this depends on the University you are going to and the nature of the scholarship.
  • Tuition Coverage; Most scholarship assistance comes with a promising package of tuition coverage or tuition-free benefits.
  • Generous Stipend; Aside from tuition and accommodation, some scholarship offers include stipends that present financial support for the cost of living and daily expenses.


Our Scholarship Programs



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scholarship programs - Globus Education Systems

Why Choose Us

  • Free Visa Counselling: Globus Education Systems provides top-notch guidance and assistance to students who are going to study abroad. They offer professional guidance and assistance in the visa application process, helping students understand the requirements, prepare necessary documents and navigate the complex visa process.
  • Streamline Scholarship application process: We have a dedicated team that are on board at all times to follow through the application process, thereby facilitating the process to yield optimum results.
  • Career Focused studies: The scholarship covers a wide range of career-based study options, ranging from Bachelor’s to PHD, allowing you to pursue your desired education path and advance in the chosen field.
  • Brief Processing Time: the processing time of most of our scholarship assistance program takes no longer than weeks. It is usually a matter of days to weeks, and as such you don’t need to wait for long.

Are you looking for a scholarship for a specific country, university, or field of study? Then check out the scholarship offers and contact us.

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