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There has never been a better moment to think about vocational training abroad if you’re an African student hoping to advance your studies and career. You can access an extensive range of fresh options by broadening your scope beyond your native country, including innovative programmes and unmatched career opportunities. Numerous African students have benefited from Globus Education Systems’ assistance in realising the transformational potential of international vocational training. These are our top 4 vocational trainings abroad for African students, recommended based on a wealth of experience:


Medicine in Canada

Canada is a great place for prospective healthcare professionals to receive vocational training. The nation’s medical school is well-known for its demanding coursework, cutting-edge facilities, and dedication to practical clinical experience.

African students are especially interested in programmes like the Doctor of Medicine at the University of Toronto or the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of British Columbia. Along with receiving a top-notch education, you’ll get the opportunity to train in a friendly, multicultural setting.

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Furthermore, graduates of these vocational programmes frequently have their pick of exciting job prospects, both domestically and internationally, given Canada’s expanding need for competent healthcare personnel.


Mechatronics in Germany

Germany is a top destination for mechatronics vocational trainings abroad since it leads the world in innovative manufacturing and engineering. This innovative discipline integrates computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering to provide you with the highly sought-after abilities needed to succeed in today’s high-tech sectors.

Germany has an unmatched dual-track vocational education system that combines academic classroom learning with practical technical training. Under programmes such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology’s Mechatronics Technician qualification, African students can receive instruction from professionals in the field and have hands-on experience in typical labs and workshops.

German mechatronics programme graduates are in great demand both domestically and internationally. You will be well-positioned to begin a fascinating career in robotics, automation, or perhaps aerospace engineering.


IT in India

Being a hub of information technology knowledge for a long time, India is a great place to get vocational training abroad in this rapidly expanding industry. The tech-centric education system in the country provides African students with an abundance of specific programmes to select from, ranging from cybersecurity to software development.

Renowned educational establishments with cutting-edge curricula and solid industry ties are Sharda University in New Delhi and CT University. You’ll have the ability to network with leading businesses and startups in addition to gaining the technical know-how necessary to succeed.

In addition, graduates of these vocational programmes frequently have a wide range of employment options, both domestically and internationally, due to India’s thriving IT sector. It’s the ideal route to a career that will be in demand and durable in the future.


Engineering in China   

China is a great option for engineering vocational trainings abroad because of its position as a global leader in manufacturing and technology. The nation’s educational system provides a wide range of specialty programmes that equip students for success in high-growth industries, from mechanical and electrical to civil and chemical.

Academic institutions such as Tsinghua University and the Harbin Institute of Technology are widely recognised for their state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly skilled faculty, and strong industrial connections. You will have the opportunity to study under renowned professionals, obtain practical experience in state-of-the-art laboratories, and establish beneficial relationships with top businesses as an African student.

Chinese engineering vocational programme graduates are in great demand domestically and internationally. You’ll be able to start a fulfilling career in advanced manufacturing, infrastructure development, or renewable energy.

These four locations provide fantastic chances for vocational trainings abroad if you’re an African student looking to advance both your academic and professional career. From engineering in China to healthcare in Canada, each country provides a plethora of specialised programmes, top-notch resources, and numerous career opportunities. Therefore, get in touch with our staff right now to find out more about scholarships, assistance with applications, and other tools to help you be successful in your vocational training journey.





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